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wml::fmt::isolatin - ISO-Latin-1 to HTML Entity Conversion


wml::fmt::isolatin - ISO-Latin-1 to HTML Entity Conversion


  Text with ISO latin 1 characters
  for instance german umlauts: ``''


This creates an area substitution with Pass 6 (asubst) for all ISO-Latin-1 characters to their corresponding HTML entities. Note that this is not really necessary because HTML 3.2 states that every browser has to understand ISO-Latin-1 characters. So there is no real need to encode them with this container tag. But it is safe, because the result is 7Bit which can be transfered over more mediums then the 8 Bit version with ISO-Latin-1 characters.

When adding the global argument, the complete document gets automatically encapsulated into a <isolatin> container.


 Ralf S. Engelschall


 Internal: P1, P2, P6
 External: --


ISO Latin 1 character table