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Mirror available for the distribution tarballs

Now the first complete mirror of the FTP area 

(which contains the WML stuff in its subdir wml/) is available:


This mirror is provided by courtesy of Brian Behlendorf <brian@apache.org>
from the Apache Group. The mirror resides on the Hyperreal server (the same
machine ftp.apache.org is on ;_) and is connected to the Internet with Organic
Online's and Wired's T1 Internet link (1.544 Mb/s), so it provides really
better service than ftp.engelschall.com which currently shares its Internet
link with the one from sd&m GmbH & Co KG in Munich (only 128 Kb/s). The mirror
is under direct control of myself, so will by in sync with ftp.engelschall.com
all the time. Don't blame Brian or Organic Online for problems. Contact me

BTW: I really need a few more mirror locations, especially in Germany.
     If someone of you can provide such a service, feel free to
     establish a mirror now. Contact me for details.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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