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Re: Examples: WML Itself

I thought I would show off my use of WML a little bit.


The front page is a "special case", and all the other ones are built
off of a template that looks like this:

#use wml::usr::ts
<tspage title="TrueSpectra Products">
<nav place="Products">

.. content goes here  ...


The <nav place="..."> tag is what generates that tree-like navigator along
the side.  I have a directory contains the various navigation targets, 
for instance:

$ ls ~/nav/Products*


These names are then used to generate the links to the files themselves;
in the last case, the corresponding URL is understood to be


_ is the directory separator
. is a space

The script figures out which parts of the tree to expose and does it,
generating corresponding style sheet and other markup.  (The pages
degrade from IE / Netscape 4 to Lynx)

Scripts &c. available on request.

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