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  Now available:
  Website META Language, Version 1.4.9

  Changes between 1.4.8 and 1.4.9:
      971224 - Added the contents of the RESTRICTIONS file to
               wml_faq.pod and removed the file.
             - Corrected the FAQ because of new <protect>
             - Added more info to the FAQ
      971226 - Upgraded to GetoptLong-2.13
             - Upgraded to Image-Size-2.5
             - completely cleaned up the Divert (Pass 5) filter
               and enhanced it: Now you can do a named leave,
               i.e. leave a divertion by name which has the
               effect of leaving it and all other divertions
               which were entered from within it.
             - added <page_end> to wml::std::page which can be
               used to end a <page>. This usually is not needed
               in standard situations, but when creating more
               than one page via <page> and slicing then this is
               needed to avoid nesting.
             - Upgraded to IO-1.1803
      971227 - changed the IPP semantics of #include and #use to
               a better one: Now #include really does what it
               says, it unconditionally includes a file, perhaps
               even more then once. On the other hand #use has
               the general "use" semantic where multiple
               inclusion is automatically avoided. Up to this
               time it was not possible to include a file
               (perhaps a navigation bar) more then once, because
               #include also had the multiple inclusion
               detection. Now this is no longer the case.
             - added "slices" attribute to <page> of
               wml::std::page which now has to be used to force
               <page> to create the WML_PAGE_XXX slices.  Because
               these usually make problems when using <page>
               multiple times.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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