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Re: question wml 1.4.6

Hello Viorel Anghel, in a previous mail you wrote:

> Sorry for bothering you with that (it would be better if you set-up a
> mailing list wml-(l)users ;-)...

There is a mailing list: sw-wml@engelschall.com. You can subcribe
via majordomo@engelschall.com.

> I can't find an easy way to include in all files something like apache
> <!--#echo var=DOCUMENT_URI>.
> I want to have an footer in base directory and then all files to include
> that (i do that), but how can i tell in that footer to print the current
> URL of the file?
> As a comment, for now i use wml mostly in the purpose of avoiding
> server-side-includes and defining same headers and footers in all pages.

A very good question. I've thought about it and the general
solution is the following:

1. Define the URL base in a .wmlrc in the base dir of your WML page area via
   ``-DBASE_URL=http://www.domain.dom/~myself'' and additionally define
   ``-DBASE_DIR~.'' This way all pages below this area get the URL to the base
   dir and the relative dir to the base dir.

2. Use the wml::std::info from the coming WML 1.4.12 (where I've added
   this function now) or define it somewhere in your own include files:

   | #use wml::sup::path
   | <define-tag document_url>
   | <:{
   |    my ($baseurl, $basedir, $dir, $file, $url);
   |    $baseurl = '<get-var BASE_URL>';
   |    $basedir = '<get-var BASE_DIR>';
   |    $cwd = `pwd`;
   |    $cwd =~ s|\n$||;
   |    $dir = &relpath(&canonpath("$cwd/$basedir"), $cwd);
   |    $file = '<get-var WML_SRC_FILENAME>';
   |    $file =~ s|\.wml$|.html|;
   |    $file =~ s|^index\.html$||;
   |    $url = "$baseurl/$dir/$file";
   |    $url = &canonpath($url);
   |    print $url;
   | }:>
   | </define-tag>

3. Now you are ready: Just use 

   | #use wml::std::info     <-- or your own include file
   | <document_url>

   and you get the correct absolute URL to your page.
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