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Re: RfD: Multi-Lingual Support

Hello Fritz Zaucker, in a previous mail you wrote:

> I currently do the following:
> <define-container xx>
> [xx:%body:xx]
> </define-container>
> and then in my *.wml files I use
> <en>Welcome</en>
> <de>Willkommen</de>
> I think especially for longer sections of text I would almost prefer
> an opening/closing-tag approach, I think this makes the input somewhat
> more readable.

Ok, that's mostly the same my current <lang:xx> tag does except that <lang:xx>
is a simple tag. Hmmm... seems we also need something between

  <lang:xx ...Text...>


  (xx) ...Text...



And with an option for <lang:new xx> we can let the defined
tagnames be shortened to what you used: <xx>...</xx>

How about this?

> Of course, I have no strong feelings about which pass does the actual
> substitution.
> I also use multi-linguals inside other tags, for example for the
> hints-parameter in the <url> tag or also inside the <img> and <page>
> tags. I think it would be important to make sure that this can be
> done. I am not sure, but for that the ultimate substitution might have
> to be in the last pass of the translation.

Thats the point why I really tried to avoid programming it with ePerl (Pass 3)
because a lot of tags are programmed this way and nesting then is not

> P.S.: I also noticed that in my approach I am having some difficulties
>       with spurious spaces being inserted into the html-code when
>       splitting the languages over several lines in the *.wml
>       file. Could I overcome this with the <suck> tag or are those
>       spaces introduced in pass 9? I guess I could just try ..., so
>       far I use backslashes at the end of the line (but those tend to
>       be forgotten ...)

These spaces are not "introduced" in Pass 9, but I know what effect you mean:
Because Pass 9 (Slice) only does what it is asked for, you usually lost
linefeeds when these are outside the slices. One really has to make sure where
to place the newlines. Can you give me your example, so we can fix it

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