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Re: RfD: Multi-Lingual Support

rse@engelschall.com (Ralf S. Engelschall) writes:

> Ok, that's mostly the same my current <lang:xx> tag does except that
> <lang:xx> is a simple tag. Hmmm... seems we also need something
> between
>   <lang:xx ...Text...>
> and
>   <lang:area>
>   (xx) ...Text...
>   </lang:area>
> Perhaps:
>   <lang:xx:area>
>   Text
>   </lang:xx:area>
> And with an option for <lang:new xx> we can let the defined
> tagnames be shortened to what you used: <xx>...</xx>
> How about this?

Sounds good to me.
> Thats the point why I really tried to avoid programming it with
> ePerl (Pass 3) because a lot of tags are programmed this way and
> nesting then is not possible.

Is this a principal problem? I think it is a big handicap, as one has
to KNOW which tag is programmed in what ...

> These spaces are not "introduced" in Pass 9, but I know what effect
> you mean: Because Pass 9 (Slice) only does what it is asked for, you
> usually lost linefeeds when these are outside the slices. One really
> has to make sure where to place the newlines. Can you give me your
> example, so we can fix it together?

      <A HREF="/~elekws/">\
        <en>EE Machine Shop</en>\
	<de>Elektrotechnik Werkstatt</de>\
	<es>Tienda de maquinaria</es>\
	<ca>Tenda de maquinària</ca>\
	<fr>Atelier d'électrotechnique</fr>\
	<ch>D'Elektrotechnik Werchschtatt</ch>\
	<it>Atelier di elettrotecnica</it>\

Without the backslashes I get additional blanks around the link.


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