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Re: Compilation problem

In article <m1wwgbgx8z.fsf@foobar.ee.ethz.ch> you wrote:

> ich habe versucht, auf unseren Sun Ultras wml mit cc -fast zu
> kompilieren. Dies hat auch funktioniert, indem ich
> make CC=cc CFLAGS=-fast 
> gemacht habe, ausser fuer den ePerl Teil. 

> Kannst Du das mal ausprobieren und gegebenenfalls reparieren? Bzw mir
> sagen, wenn ich es irgendwie anders machen muss (mit configure?).

> CC=cc CFLAGS=-fast ./configure 

> hat nicht funktioniert.

(BTW: Fritz, please be careful, the other list members don't
      have german as their native language ;_)

The problem is clear: ePerl usually has to be compiled with the
same compiler/options the Perl system was compiled. For this
ePerl's configure usually uses the one Perl used.  When you
overwrite it via WML's configure options, ePerl uses this one.
And this can lead to problems. The solution is simple: We have
just to port ePerl to the native Solaris "cc -fast" compiler for
feature versions. 

Because I have no non-GCC compilers for Solaris available on any
boxes I have access to, you have to post the error messages here,
please. Then I can investigate. Even better would be if I can try
it myself? (Can Tobias install the Sun "cc" on
engelschall.ethz.ch? Or have you any test account on a machine
where this compiler exists?)

> P.S.: Auch ohne ePerl ging die Zeit fuer unsere Homepage von 70 auf 40
>       Sekunden runter ...

Hmmmm... because most of the parts are written in plain Perl, I think Pass 2
(Meta-HTML) now is much faster. Try a WML -v1 run which gives nice time
statistic and compare there the times for the passes. Please post the output
of a WML -v1 run here so we can see which pass still needs most of the
processing time.

One more idea: Try to compile your Perl system itself with "cc
-fast"! This should speed up the other WML passes which are
entirely written in Perl.

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