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Re: Compilation problem

rse@engelschall.com (Ralf S. Engelschall) writes:

> > ich habe versucht, auf unseren Sun Ultras wml mit cc -fast zu
> > kompilieren. Dies hat auch funktioniert, indem ich
> > make CC=cc CFLAGS=-fast 
> > gemacht habe, ausser fuer den ePerl Teil. 
> > Kannst Du das mal ausprobieren und gegebenenfalls reparieren? Bzw mir
> > sagen, wenn ich es irgendwie anders machen muss (mit configure?).
> > CC=cc CFLAGS=-fast ./configure 
> > hat nicht funktioniert.
> (BTW: Fritz, please be careful, the other list members don't
>       have german as their native language ;_)

Well, the message was suppossed to go to you directly (as I thought it
was of limited interest to others, which, judging by your answer,
might have been wrong too ....)

> Because I have no non-GCC compilers for Solaris available on any
> boxes I have access to, you have to post the error messages here,
> please. Then I can investigate. Even better would be if I can try
> it myself? (Can Tobias install the Sun "cc" on
> engelschall.ethz.ch? Or have you any test account on a machine
> where this compiler exists?)

I'll get you an account on our systems.

> Hmmmm... because most of the parts are written in plain Perl, I think Pass 2
> (Meta-HTML) now is much faster. Try a WML -v1 run which gives nice time
> statistic and compare there the times for the passes. Please post the output
> of a WML -v1 run here so we can see which pass still needs most of the
> processing time.

Will do.

> One more idea: Try to compile your Perl system itself with "cc
> -fast"! This should speed up the other WML passes which are
> entirely written in Perl.

Thought about that too.


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