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Re: RfD: Multi-Lingual Support

[ I resend this, because i didn't see my original mail appear on the
 list, and i suspect that's because i sent mail with the wrong
 from-address. Please let me know if my assumption is wrong. ]

On Tue, Jan 06, 1998 at 09:09:40AM +0100, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> Hello WML-users,


> What I now want is a higher-level interface to such multi-lingual variants
> because the pure Slice-usage is a boring for human readers, I think.  So, my
> request for discussion: 

I didn't use slices yet, but already planned to look into it :)

First of all, i have to say I'm very lazy. I hate to type something
more then twice. This said, i now use scripts to generate most of my
pages. I'm now switching over to wml because it is very convinient to do
all this under one roof. (I use the eperl-feature <: :> very much)

> 1. | #use wml::std::lang
>    | foo
>    | <lang variants="en,de">
>    | (en) Welcome (de) Willkommen !
>    | </lang>
>    | bar

Hm, since you plan to do this via substitution, one could simply omit
the 'variants="en,de"' part, and it would still work ? - That sounds
great :)

> 2. | #use wml::std::lang
>    | foo
>    | <lang:en "Welcome"><lang:de "Willkommen">!
>    | bar

This is too much to type for every case where i would put some text. I
also find it confusing to put the text inside the <>'s - i would then
<lang en>Welcome</lang>
<lang de>Willkommen</lang>

but all in all, i like #1 more.

> 3. | #use wml::std::lang autoslice
>    | [...]
>    prevent from wanting this feature.

If i understand it correctly, this would automatically generate an
index.de.html,index.en.html if the appropriate slices appear in the body
? - that sounds really nice, and i'd like to have it in any case.

> And more ideas, suggestions or comments on this topic?
> Feel free to express any opinion you have.

Now this gets a bit off-topic, but is it possible to tell wml to default
it's output to ${file%.wml}.html (i.e. ".wml" stripped and ".html" added)

right now, i have to add
#!/usr/local/bin/wml -oALL:index.html

on top of my index.wml files. I have to change the filename there every
time i rename the file...

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