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Although I wanted to do a WML 1.4.12 the changes were too much for just a new
patchlevel. So I decided to do even a little bit more and then release 1.5.0.
So, here it is:

   Website META Language, Version 1.5.0

  Changes between 1.4.11 and 1.5.0:
      980101 - Updated Copyright Notices for 1998 and removed
               still left "All Rights Reserved" trailers,
               because this bites with GNU GPL.
      980103 - Upgraded to iSelect 1.0.4: Now WMd is also
               correctly terminated on CTRL-C without crashing
               the XTerm behavior.
      980104 - Changed "make test" to automatically check
               for the installation
             - Added --with-cc=PATH option to configure which is
               equivalent to ``CC=PATH ./configure [...]'' but is
               more intuitive because we already have
             - Adapted and enhanced the PORTING.test script from
               the ePerl distribution for WML platform porting
             - Upgraded Meta-HTML's config.{guess,sub} files
             - Updated NEWS file
             - Changed Build Date in configure script to ISO
             - Fixed wml_p4_gm4/Makefile.in for AIX 4.2
             - Force etc/install.sh under AIX 4.x because
               their `installbsd' program is buggy
      980105 - Again cleaned up Pass 5 (Divert) because
               divert.src now is a sample implementation of the
               diversion chapter in my dimploma thesis ;_)
      980106 - Added the various package/installation files as
               wml_contrib/pkg/. [Thanks to Jim Hebert
               <jhebert@compu-aid.com> for the RPM version]
             - Added the new wml::std::lang which provides a
               high-level interface for defining the output
               slices for various languages.
             - Upgraded to Slice 1.3.0: This adds a nifty
               feature to WML's -o option. Now one can use
               wildcarded slices like `LANG_*' which means
               the union of all existing LANG_XXX slices.
             - Fixed handling of ``wml -o...:-'', i.e.  when
               stdout is explicitly requested.  WML hang in the
               past waiting for STDIN because unprotect opened
               the "output file "-".
             - Added lession about wml::std::lang to
             - Added <document_url> tag to wml::std::info [Thanks
               to Viorel Anghel <vang@ely.leader.ro> for the
      980108 - Adjusted NEWS file for version 1.5
             - Adjusted ANNOUNCE file for version 1.5
      980110 - Fixed new <document_url> canonicalisation
               [Thanks to Viorel Anghel <vang@roedu.net>]
      980111 - Fixed attribute fixing in HTMLfix (Pass 8) for
               <!-- [...] --> which is no real HTML tag.  WML
               incorrectly fixed the following: <!-- vim:set ts=4
               sw=4: --> to <!-- vim:set ts="4" sw="4:" -->.
               [Thanks to Stefan `Sec` Zehl <sec@42.org> for
             - let PORTING.test accept "cc -fast"
             - let wml_p2_mhc/configure.in accept "cc -fast" and
               do not use GCC options "-O2 -finline-functions".

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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