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How to define an <expire> tag?


I was trying to define an <expire>-tag which is supposed to swallow
the rest of the page (or, alternatively, its body) if it evaluates to
true. Like the following:

--- WML input starts below ---
<title>Title of the page</title>

<expire 1999/12/31>

Whatever is going onto the page ...

--- End of WML input file ---

The idea is that WML does only generate HTML for what's ABOVE the
expire tag if the date of the wml-run is past the expiration date.

Can this be done short of putting everything inside a ePerl-tag (which
would be a bad idea because of nesting not possible)? Any ideas from
the WML-master?

Also, while experimenting with this, I thought I could inform the user
by writting to STDERR from within <perl> </perl>. However, this aborts
the WML-run. Could we have a <say> </say> tag somehow to write to the

Have a nice weekend,

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