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Re: How to define an <expire> tag?

Hello Ralf S. Engelschall, in a previous mail you wrote:

> That's easy when you know how Pass 5 (Divert) works and when you additionally
> know that there is a discard location named "null". So, the idea is to insert
> a enter for location "null" when the expire time is reached. Here it is:
>     | <define-tag expire>
>     | <:{
>     |      use Date::Parse;
>     |      my $et = Date::Parse::str2time('%0');
>     |      my $ct = time();
>     |      print '<<main..' if ($et <= $ct);
>     | }:>
>     | </define-tag>

Ops... I should have said that leaving location "main" means entering "null"
because "null" is the outmost location for Pass 5 (Divert) while "main" is the
first automatically entered location. Please read wml_p5_divert(1) for more

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