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Feature request: removal of "unwanted" tags


I am designing a small set of tags for the web-pages of our site. The
idea is to give a list of these agreed on tags to the authors of our
various pages. They are then "allowed" to only use these tags and no
others. Especially the use of "standard HTML tags" would be

It would be nice to have a mechanism the tell WML which tags are ok in
the WML input files. WML should then remove all other tags (I guess in
path 1) and may be send a message to STDERR about what it removed.

I guess it would be easy enough to use an external filter, but may be
this be easily included as a standard feature?


P.S.: Please don't send me messages about "power to the user,
      ...". The idea is to find an agreement with the people involved
      and just to force ourselves to eliminate WYSIWYG markup. A
      wml-lint, so to speak.

      Of course, one could even implement a command-line switch so
      that one can either remove unwanted tags or just warn about them.

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