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Re: Feature request: removal of "unwanted" tags

rse@engelschall.com (Ralf S. Engelschall) writes:

> Currently I think the most flexible way to integrate this cleanly
> without doing quick hacks is to add a -P/--prolog=PATH flag to WML,
> similar to the already existing -E/--epilog=PATH flag. While the
> PATH of -E is a filter which is applied to all(!) outputfiles the
> PATH of -P could be a filter which is applied to the input file.

Not bad!

> There is only one decision remaining: the problem of include files.
> When -P just filters the input file, we don't get the include files.
> Alternatively we could apply the filter _after_ pass 1 (IPP), so we
> also get the include files.  But this approach is a little bit
> unusual and not very intuitive to the user.  Hmmmm...

>  On the other hand, it is not useful to filter the include files,
> because you really need some WML stuff to produce the final HTML
> output. So it is only useful to filter the single input file itself.

I see the problem. An option would be to filter files called with
#include and not filter files called with use. Or base it on

But I think I could live with filtering only the main input file. 

> BTW: The filtering script itself is not very complicated. 
>      I'll write one for WML 1.6.0. What should it do. My
>      current todo-entry is as following:
>      o wml_aux/tagfilter/
>        -f <configfile>  where to find the config file
>        -w               just warn but don't remove anything
>        The <configfile> then has lines of the form
>        ``[SC] tagname''
>        where S means single tag and C means container-tag.

sounds good. I guess the most flexible solution would be to have
something like



which would require also a wild card (like deny all, followed by allow
list ... or vice versa). As you are an Apache-guru, I am sure you know
what I mean.

> Any more ideas?

Don't doubt it ....


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