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Re: conflict between passes

Hello Fritz Zaucker, in a previous mail you wrote:

> > Correct, because ePerl currently doesn't support nested Perl blocks.
> > As you might expect this restriction is not because I just wanted
> > ePerl to support it. It is because it is very difficult to do it in
> > a really useful and backward-compatible manner. I'll start a
> > discussion in a different posting because it bites us a lot of times
> > and I really want to implement the nesting-support now. But we need
> > to make sure we decided the correct approach which is 100%
> > backward-compat, so existing scripts don't get broken.
> How many people are using WML right now? How important the backward
> compatibility? Could it be solved by "activating" the new mode only on
> demand, so that people can still process old stuff, while can also
> create new stuff.
> Of course, I am biased, as I don't have much existing code, yet ...

The WML users are not my problem, because these currently aren't too much.
But I have not to change WML, I have to change ePerl. And ePerl is a
long-available peace of software which has a lot of users. So either we find a
compatible way or we _have_ to use an option in WML.

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