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Questions about wml

Hi all,
I'm a absolute beginner with this toolkit and I'm definitively not a
programmer at all.;-)
But I'm actively learning ;-)
Ok, my questions
1) wml::std:page appear not to include the <!DOCTYPE....> statement;
is my impression correct? - If yes, is this a bug or a feature?
2) I like have the tags all in uppercase (i.e. <FOO></FOO>), but  I
use elvis (a vi clone) and switching to uppercase is very annoying; is a
bad idea to fix it in pass 7 ? (perhaps this is possible yet, but I'
don't know how)
3) If I know well, in wml::des::navbar I can use <navbar
imgstar=std:sel:ovr ...> then <nb_button img=foo-*.gif...> and
the resulting tags are:<nb_button img=foo-std.gif..>, <nb_button
img=foo-sel.gif..>, u.s.w., whith the asterisk substituded by the string
in imgstar option.
 ok, now i'm building a web site in three languages and I'm using a
 lot of statements of wml::std::lang and wml::std::href; I'm writing
 something like this:

 url="<it: index1.it.html>"\
 "<en: index1.en.html>"\
 "<es: index1.es.html>
 I'd love a tag like <langstar=it:en:es> and then

 url="<it: index1.*.html>"\
 "<en: index1.*.html>"\
 "<es: index1.*.html>
Is this possible yet? Or maybe in the future?

Last question: I could write to the ML, and read it on the web, but no
mail reach my e-mail box;
is this the right working mode of the ML?
It's all (for now;-)
thank you in advance
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