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I'm trying to use wml in a cgi...

I've got a cgi that receives a file, writes it out to disk. One of the
post processing measures I want to do is pass it through wml (security
implications aside, for the moment -- those will be handled later).

One of the passes kept hanging (pass 2) but didn't when I ran the same
command on the command line. I broke the relevant stuff out to a shell
script (for readibility, in part) which I can run on the command line just
fine, but not in the cgi.

Note: the web server runs as me -- meaning it's not a permission thing.

export DIS
export WML
export DWD
export PUB

exec ${WML}wml < ${DWD}$1 > ${PUB}$1.html

I call this script in the perl cgi as

`/path/to/wmlwrap $filename`

where filename is the name of the uploaded file (I have used filed named
jim, brett, fdsfd, and so forth).

I always see this hang (this is on a solaris machine)

(1)pts/26>ps -ef | grep wml
  hebert 26246 26230  0 18:20:40 pts/26   0:00 grep wml

  hebert 26155 26154  1 18:20:04 ?        0:01 /usr/local/bin/perl

  hebert 26179 26155  0 18:20:12 ?        0:00 sh -c wml_p2_mhc  --set
"WML_VERSION" "1.5.1 (16-01-1998)" --set "WML_LOC_MANDI

  hebert 26181 26179 40 18:20:12 ?        0:17 wml_p2_mhc --set
WML_VERSION 1.5.1 (16-01-1998) --set WML_LOC_MANDIR /home/scra

(lines separated for readibility)

When I turned off pass 2 (with -p 345678) it didn't hang.

Perl 5.004_04 on solaris 2.5.1 with apache 1.2.5 and CGI.pm 2.36.

Any thoughts?


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