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Re: Questions about wml

Hello David Mentre, in a previous mail you wrote:

> > Are you sure about your syntax? Because the above is incorrect syntax. 
> > I thing what you really mean is
> > 
> >    <href url="\
> >    <it: index1.it.html>\
> >    <en: index1.en.html>\
> >    <es: index1.es.html>\
> >    ">
>  As a side note, I usually prefer learning with examples. The man pages
> are perfect to know the syntax of a tag, but it does not give enough
> information when you look for a way to do a specific thing (like a
> navbar or a multi-lingual site). In fact, I'm looking for the
> "cookbook-approach".

I understand, but there is a wml_tutorial(7) for this. Ok, currently is covers
only standard stuff, but we can extend it. Just give me hints what topics you
want to find there. As a start:

  - multi-lingual pages
  - navigation bars
  - ??
>  As you have a rationale when you create a specific tag, would it be too
> costly to put those examples in a file (with an index) and put it in the
> WML distribution ?

Hmmmm... how about a wml_example(7) manpage? The other point is that most
examples are very specific and why not just use the search feature of the ML
archive for this?

>  Another note: Wouldn't be useful to put on the WML site main page a
> link to the swiss site ?

No, it isn't very useful anymore, because a few days ago the DNS alias
www.engelschall.com already switched to this site ;-) You should notice this
in faster access, I hope. If not, your DNS server has not refreshed (TTL!) or
www.de.engelschall.com is actually faster for you.

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