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Re: Questions about wml

rse@engelschall.com (Ralf S. Engelschall) writes:

> I understand, but there is a wml_tutorial(7) for this. Ok, currently is covers
> only standard stuff, but we can extend it. Just give me hints what topics you
> want to find there. As a start:
>   - multi-lingual pages
>   - navigation bars
>   - ??
    - makefile (for a complete site generation) and site managment in general

> Hmmmm... how about a wml_example(7) manpage? The other point is that most
> examples are very specific and why not just use the search feature of the ML
> archive for this?
 Ok. You're right on that point. I did not thought about the
mailing-list archive. (shame on me!)

> No, it isn't very useful anymore, because a few days ago the DNS alias
> www.engelschall.com already switched to this site ;-)
 I've just tried it. Yes, the difference (at least for me) is
noticeable. :)

 To conclude, all my remarks should be taken as what they are: just
remarks and nothing else. WML is very powerfull and I'm far from using
all its possibilities.

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