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After a long period of hacking now its time for a new release...

  Website META Language, Version 1.6.0

The entry from the NEWS file:

  Major changes between 1.5 and 1.6:

      - Big source and installation tree cleanup: the configure
        option --enable-compat was removed, the files
        wml_include/OBSOLETE* were removed, the wml_p*/ subdirs
        were moved to wml_backend/wml_p*/, etc.  pp. And in
        addition to this reorganization the backends and
        auxilliary programs are now installed in PREFIX/lib/exec/
        instead of PREFIX/bin/.

      - Cleanup of include files: tag names were renamed
        (especially in wml::des::navbar) to avoid namespace
        conflicts, tags were merged (especially in
        wml::std::box), tags were generalized (especially the new
        wml::std::logo), double-defined tags were removed
        (especially wml::sup::stack and wml::usr::rse), etc. pp.

      - Revised a wrong design decision of the early days:
        Comments are now supported in Pass 1 and not in Pass 8
        and they are now supported in a more general way:
        EOL-mode (#) and Block-mode (/*...*/) comments.  This
        pass shift was done to get rid of comments as quick as
        possible. This way we now really can comment out _any_
        stuff and as a side effect processing is a little bit

      - A new manpage was introduced: wml_tags(7), a permuted
        index of all defined WML meta-tags.

      - A lot of minor stuff was fixed, added or at least
        generalized: the WML -p, -V and -P options, RC-File
        parsing, HTMLfix quotation parsing, slice errors, etc.

The entry from the ChangeLog file:

  Changes between 1.5.1 and 1.6.0:
      980116 - removed configure --enable-compat option
               and wml_include/OBSOLETE* stuff
             - Merged the <box> and <rect> tags from
               wml::std::box into a new full-featured single tag
               named <box>
      980118 - Fixed temporary file usage: /tmp/wml.$$.tmp4 was
               not removed.  [Thanks to Stefan `Sec` Zehl
               <sec@42.org> for hint]
             - Upgraded IO 1.1803 -> 1.1804
             - Upgraded GD 1.16 -> 1.17
             - removed some unnecessary stuff from
      980119 - recreated the "generated via WML" GIF image
             - added more logos to wml_misc/
             - added new wml::std::logo to insert the logos
             - removed wml::sup::stack because its functionality
               is already in wml::std::tags
             - added domainname attribute to wml::std::info which
               overrides the usage of WML_SRC_HOSTNAME
             - removed wml::usr::rse because no one can use it
               except RSE ;_).
             - added hint to wml_faq.pod on how to setup a useful
               $HOME/.wmlrc and $HOME/.wml
             - fixed WML option -v which needs pre-processing as
               option -r
             - fixed RC file parsing for $HOME/.wmlrc
             - now WML uses the homedir in passwd instead of
      980120 - fixed tag recognition in HTMLfix:
               ``<I>foo=bar</I>'' was incorrectly "fixed" to
               ``<I>foo="bar</I">''. [Thanks to Tetsuya Furukawa
               <tetsuya@secom-sis.co.jp> for patch]
             - enhanced the -p option syntax: Now you can use the
               more readable and shorter -p1-7,9 instead of
               -p12345679 for all passes except Pass 8.
             - added details about $HOME/.wmlrc setups to
             - Some WML tags were renamed to avoid namespace
               wml::des::navbar <navbar>     -> <navbar:define>
               wml::des::navbar <navdebug>   -> <navbar:debug>
               wml::des::navbar <navrender>  -> <navbar:render>
               wml::des::navbar <nb_header>  -> <navbar:header>
               wml::des::navbar <nb_footer>  -> <navbar:footer>
               wml::des::navbar <nb_prolog>  -> <navbar:prolog>
               wml::des::navbar <nb_epilog>  -> <navbar:epilog>
               wml::des::navbar <nb_filter>  -> <navbar:filter>
               wml::std::case   <uppercase>  -> <case:upper>
               wml::std::case   <lowercase>  -> <case:lower>
               wml::std::tags   <array-size> -> <array:size>
               wml::std::tags   <push>       -> <array:push>
               wml::std::tags   <pop>        -> <array:pop>
               wml::std::tags   <show>       -> <array:show>
               wml::std::info <generated-via-wml> -> <logo name="wml">
      980124 - added new "wmu" frontend
             - added wml_common/termreadkey/
      980126 - moved wml_pX_XXX to wml_backend/pX_XXX
             - added wml_common/delimmatch/
             - fixed DelimMatch version from 1.01 to 1.03
             - expanded "distclean" target in wml_common/Makefile.in
             - added EOL-mode (#) and Block-mode (/*...*/)
               comment support to Pass 1 (IPP) to get rid of
               comments as quick as possible. This way we now
               really can comment out any stuff and as a side
               effect processing is a little bit faster.
             - added wml_common/blockparser/
             - fixed tempfile remove again. This time for the
               case where WML breaks because of a pass error.
             - created the WML test suite and a first t/01-plain.t
      980128 - added -P option to IPP for running prolog programs
             - Upgraded GD 1.17 -> 1.18
             - now the <lowsrc> tag from wml::des::lowsrc skips
               the creation when the xxx.lowsrc.gif already
               exists and has a higher timestamp.
             - now WML uses the new Term::ReadKey at -v3
             - Upgraded to Slice 1.3.1 which fixes Slice
             - Now all wml_pX_YYY and wml_aux_XXX scripts
               and binaries are installed in LIBDIR/exec/
               instead of BINDIR/.
             - Fixed WMd: Now the ftp:// link works and also runs
             - Fixed generation of WML command in WMk
      980202 - Now the -V option of all frontends run wml -V..
             - Fixed WMb message generation
             - added new wml_tags.pod manual page
      980204 - Added <lang:star:> tag to wml::std::lang
             - Fixed wml::std::logo
             - Added <say> tag for debugging to wml::std::tags
             - Adjusted PORTING.test for new "make test" approach
      980205 - Fixed wml::std::all because wml::std::case was
               missing [Thanks to Alvise Belotti
               <alvise@lettere.unipd.it> for hint]
      980207 - Renamed --with-cc to --with-forced-cc and added
               a new --with-cc configure option which doesn't
               force CC for Meta-HTML and ePerl to avoid
               conflicts under HP-UX and simular braindead
             - Added more info about multi-lingual pages to
             - Fixed built_date determination in configure
      980208 - Adjusted NEWS file
             - Fixed "make test" again
             - Now "make install" automatically runs "make all"
               when it was not run already.
      980209 - Fixed WMu again.
             - Upgraded IO 1.1804 -> 1.19

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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