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Re: I\'m trying to use wml in a cgi...

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.980210192832.12068A-100000@ray.compu-aid.com> you wrote:

>>> Hmmm... you already found that Meta-HTML is the bad guy here, so I've poked
>>> around its sources and found that under a CGI environment it tries to
>>> automatically import this. Actually the CONTENT_LENGTH variable is inspected.
>>> Because you say that your CGI-script received some stuff and then wants to
>>> process it via WML, I'm right when I'm assume that your CGI script is invoked
>>> via POST method?  
>> If yes, then the error is clear. As a workaround you had to remove or clear
>> the CONTENT_LENGTH environment variable before running WML to avoid a
>> re-import if it in Meta-HTML. Just add ``CONTENT_LENGTH='' in front of the WML
>> call. When it then never hangs I can clear these variables in WML 1.6.1 per
>> default.

> I unset the content length (yes, it was a post) and that solved _a_
> problem. It just let m find the next one. e-Perl woulc complain about not
> wanting to work over a file in /tmp with the wrong extension.

> On a hunch, I nuked all the CGI related environment before invoking wml,
> and that solved that. Sorry, I haven't done an exhaustive investigation, I
> just know one or more of those vars was the culprit, since it works now.

OK, then we can be sure that the problem (the hang, etc.) is the CGI
environment because Pass 2 (Meta-HTML) and Pass 3 (ePerl) are also
interpreters for the CGI-environment. Ok, then I'll clear any CGI environment
in the WML control frontend for 1.6.1, so WML can be used here, too.  Although
I personally dislike this way of using WML because it is not the way it was
intented to be used for. And it is too slow for this, but ok. Sometimes it can
be useful, yes. At least when someone runs a website authoring environment
with WML as its generation backend.

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