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Re: pass one forces use of pass two

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.980210195348.12184A-100000@ray.compu-aid.com> you wrote:

> If I turn pass 1 but turn pass 2 off, I get this at the top of my web
> pages:

> <:
>     unshift @INC, qw(
>         /home/scratch/hebert/dwddis/WML/lib/wml/perl/lib
> /home/scratch/hebert/dwddis/WML/lib/wml/perl/lib/sun4-solaris/5.00404
>         /home/scratch/hebert/dwddis/WML/lib/wml/perl/lib/site_perl
> /home/scratch/hebert/dwddis/WML/lib/wml/perl/lib/site_perl/sun4-solaris
>     );
>     $^W = 0;
> }
> :>

> I guess I understand why it happens this way -- wml's ipp pass is getting
> used as the point in the code where this prep for e-perl takes place.

> But, I'm sure this can either be conditionally done (testing for pass 2
> being on) or moved such that it pass 1 without pass 2 no longer produces
> this.

> Can this be a 1.6.1 change?

Hmmmm... yes, its from wml::sys::boot. Because it seems like this include file
is really just for the ePerl bootstrapping, I can change the control frontend
("wml") so it lets IPP only include this file when Pass 3 (ePerl) is actually
selected. This change will occur in 1.6.1 the next days....

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