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Re: web site troubles\?

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.980213152528.32376C-100000@ray.compu-aid.com> you wrote:

> Am I the only one havng trouble accessing rse's web site? I'm getting 500
> -- internal error...

Yes, the machine has memory problems, so was stripped down to 32 MB in the
last days. Now the (altough swap space is still available) Apache says under
the Solaris 2.6 system that he cannot spawn some CGI scripts. The distrib/
subarea is created on-the-fly from the filesystem through ePerl which is such
CGI program. Hmmmm... really bad. But the team at ETHZ are still working on
this problem. I hope we can get again more and non-failing RAM. Sorry for the
broken service.

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