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Now available:

Website META Language, Version 1.6.1

ChangeLog Entry:

  Changes between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1:
      980210 - added hints for "make test" to INSTALL file
             - changed misspelled word: "Divertion" -> "Diversion"
             - made the determination of the WML_GEN_REALNAME and
               WML_GEN_USERNAME variables more robust
      980211 - now wml::sys::boot is only preloaded when actually
               using Pass 3 (ePerl) because it exists only for
               this.  This way "wml -p1" can be a useful command
               for its own.  [Thanks to Jim Hebert
               <jhebert@compu-aid.com> for hint]
             - now the control frontend clears the CGI/1.1
               environment variables to avoid confusion of Pass 2
               and Pass 3 which try to determine their operation
               mode from it.  [Thanks to Jim Hebert
               <jhebert@compu-aid.com> for hint]
      980214 - changed attribute name "interword" to "interchar"
               for tag <spaced> of wml::des::typography, because
               it is actually a inter-character spacing.
               [Thanks to Christian Reiber for hint]
      980215 - added missing wml_misc subdir to Makefile.in
               so this subdir is used on all targets, too.
               [Thanks to the Debian ports diff-file from Anthony
               Fok <foka@debian.org> for hint]
             - Ops, for 1.6.0 I already wanted to removed
               wml_contrib because it is not useful for the end
               user (only for the porters), but I forgot to do..

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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