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WML for dummies (path evaluation order)


I am trying to put together a small set of WML-tags for Web-Page
creation by some of our somewhat "computerly-challenged"
colleagues. The idea is to have VERY simple input pages that are then
translated according to some template page. 

The one thing that I don't like to ask these people to do is to have
to include as a (first line) something like

#use WhatEverTemplate var1=value1 var2=value2

(nor the #include equivalent).

What I would prefer, instead, is a tag like

<page-info author="XYZ" subject="XXX"  etc>

and <page-info> would then decide what #include files to use.  The
advantage would be that the users would only have to use one type of
"mark-up", that is some tags.

My understanding is that this would not work at the moment, as the
#include commands are actually evaluated in path 1 whereas <page-info>
would be evaluated later.

Is there a solution/work-around?


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