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Re: minor buglet

Hello Stefan `Sec` Zehl, in a previous mail you wrote:

> I just stumbled accross this one:
> matrix:~>echo '<center><center></center></center>'|wml
> <div align="center"><center></div></center>

Fixed for WML 1.6.3:

:> echo '<center><center></center></center>'| ./htmlfix 
<div align="center"><div align="center"></div></div>

Thanks for the hint. As a workaround for your problem before 1.6.3 is
available just replace line 192 of wml_backend/p7_htmlfix/htmlfix.src with

   $buffer =~ s|<center>|<div align=center>|isg;
   $buffer =~ s|</center>|</div>|isg;

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