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Ralf and all,

Many thanks for the fine WML package. And the WML site itself I
find so simple, clear and well designed - I have not seen it 
better on the web. I want to make these two sites


use WML, but have questions:

Practically all my pages are now generated with Perl that uses
many many if-then-else's and prints pages that look different 
depending on CGI form variables, and on what comes back from 
applets (the Tree Views pages for example). Some scripts know 
about states, some use 'require' statements. There is a global 
config file that contains variable settings. In other words, I 
have been using HTML within Perl, where WML sort of uses Perl 
within HTML..

1. I am trying to figure how much work it would be to use WML
   when HTML is already very intertwined with Perl, and to weigh
   this against the advantages.

2. Will WML work reasonably fast for pages that are all put 
   together at run time? (at first I thought WML was just for
   static pages, but it can be used to expand pages on the fly,

3. Then I wonder about the outlook for WML: do I risk that 
   switching to future WML versions will take significant work 
   for me? And for how long might WML be actively developed and 
   maintained by you, Ralf?

Although it is not made clear on the above sites, they will end
up as free software, likely under GPL. I will also be doing a
ccommercial site related to /WIT, all of which will likely also 
be on GPL.


Niels Larsen, niels@vitro.cme.msu.edu
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