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On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, Niels Larsen wrote:

> 1. I am trying to figure how much work it would be to use WML
>    when HTML is already very intertwined with Perl, and to weigh
>    this against the advantages.
e-perl by itself would be good for this... You take pages like this

hello world
<: perl code; 
more text

> 2. Will WML work reasonably fast for pages that are all put 
>    together at run time? (at first I thought WML was just for
>    static pages, but it can be used to expand pages on the fly,
>    right?)

I currently am playing with this. It's too slow. If you want _all_ of what
wml provides, on the fly, perhaps the 2.0 rewrite that I seem to recall
involving speedups (stuff written in C rather than perl or something?)
will be something to wait for. However, I think Ralf uses e-perl on the
fly by itself right now, and that'd probably be fine for you.

OTOH, if you DID want to make wml happen on the fly, I'd recommend
figgering out making mod_perl do the work, so that there was no perl
startup overhead, eliminating passes that you didn't need, and doing as
much else as you could to speed it up. Luckily I don't need to worry about
any of this since my work is for a semester-only project and doesn't need
to get past proof-of-concept. =)


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