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Now available:

Website META Language, Version 1.6.4

The entry from the ChangeLog file:

  Changes between 1.6.3 and 1.6.4:
      980313 - fixed a few typos in the INSTALL file
      980314 - Upgraded Bit::Vector 5.0 to 5.1
             - Upgraded Getopt::Long 2.13 to 2.15
      980318 - Fixed wml::des::gfont which called gfont
               with option -s instead of -r [Thanks to Andy
               Hawkins <andy@gently.demon.co.uk> for hint]
      980322 - Fixed <vspace> tag in wml::des::space [Thanks to
               Igor V.  Spiridonov <garris@trunk.uco.ru> and
               Tomasz Cholewo <t.cholewo@ieee.org> for hint]
      980323 - Added support for escaped sharp-comments via
               ``\#'' for escaping such comments, for instance
               when needed inside <verbatim> environments [Thanks
               to Igor V. Spiridonov <garris@trunk.uco.ru> for
             - Fixed Pass 7 (HTMLfix): Now the width/height=*
               placeholder constructs are removed when the image
               file from <img> tags are not accessible.  [Thanks
               to Igor V. Spiridonov <garris@trunk.uco.ru> for
             - Fixed etc/newvers, so that it not always just
               tries to use "cc". Instead now first "gcc" is
               searched and "cc" is the fallback.  [Thanks to Dan
               Ludden <dan.ludden@lmco.com> for hint]
             - Added SCALE=<factor> and SCALE=<percent>% to the
               <img> support in Pass 7. This way you can scale
               the WIDTH/HEIGHT attributes of <img> tags.
               [Thanks to Dan Ludden <dan.ludden@lmco.com> for
             - Enhanced the wml::std::toc include file: Now you
               can use ``#use wml::std::toc
               style=pre|nbsp|hspace'' to let the Table Of
               Contents create in a particular style.  The "pre"
               style is the old <pre>-based style, the
               "nbsp"-style used plain HTML text with &nbsp;'s
               and <br>'s and the "hspace" style uses <hspace>'s
               (from wml::des::space) and <br>'s to layout the
               ToC.  [Thanks to Dan Ludden <dan.ludden@lmco.com>
               for idea]
             - Added optional "alt" attribute to <navbar:button>
               which can be used for explicitly setting the <img
               alt=".."> stuff.  It defaults to the value of the
               non-optional "txt" attribute.  [Thanks to Dan
               Ludden <dan.ludden@lmco.com> for idea]
             - Added generated "type" attribute to the generated
               <script> container tag for <javascript> and added
               "defer" attribute for HTML 4.0.  [Thanks to Any
               Hawkins <andy@gently.demon.co.uk> for hint]

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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