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Re: Perl Presentation Slideset (german)

Robin Stephenson <robin@gbhap.com> writes:

> Out of interest I ran the index page though the translator at
> <http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/> (results attached).  It does
> quite a good job (I speak no German at all, so it's better than
> nothing, at any rate).  This sparked an idea: would it be possible to
> use the Babelfish to provide `first cut' translations of WML source
> files into `split' sections?  

I am not sure if that would really work very well. I tried to
translate one of our web-page and my impression was that it would
probably take me more time to fix the automatic "translation" than
just do it myself.

> A zero-effort multilingual web site, of sorts...

As usual (except with people writting GPL software and such), you get
what you pay for ....


P.S.: You should try to run some text both directions, e.g.
	English > German > English

      I got some spectacular results on that ...

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