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Some Problems


I think, WML is a great tool, but I have some Problems with it.

-a is not recognized in .wmkrc
What is the reason for this? Recursion forever?

There is no way to define the SLICETERM and outputfile in a global way.
I don't want a shebang in every .wml-file., because I am proud
to have .wml-Files containg only Tags (looks like XML;-).
Is there another solution now at time than having a prolog-script adding
the shebang to all .wmls and a epilog-script removing them?
In future it would be great to use -o with %BASE in .wmlrc

the epilog-script is started in each directory-level. It would be great
to have another "epi-epilog" which is started after all dir-levels are
This would be useful for copying all the output to a seperate
directory-tree, because I think it is important not to have any 
.wml-file in the Document-Root. Another important thing is, that you
can switch to the new output in a second by moving a symbolic link.

My Buttons are generated by an external script invoking POV-Ray, gfont
and many pnm-operations.
This lasts very long time. While generating many Buttons (the script is
started for each button again) the 'working-progress-indicator' does not
move. Maybe the algorithm is not optimal. ;-)

BYtE Oli

PS: You want to have a look on my first steps using wml?

+++tEkknO, schwEIss Und grEllEs lIcht - bIs dIE wElt zUsAmmEnbrIcht !+++++

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