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apache SSI vs wml

Apache SSI vs WML -- my 2 cents tip ;-)

One of the main reasons for which I use wml is that i can replace the apache
server-side-include with WML constructs, reducing the server loading (the
documents are "compiled" by WML, not "interpreted" by httpd).

- including files like headers and footers are clear (#include etc)
- LAST_MODIFIED date is  <get-var WML_GEN_ISOTIME>
- DOCUMENT_URI is <info:document-url>
- flastmod (last modified for another file) and 
fsize (the size for a file) can be simulated like this:

------------ cut here ;-) -------------------
File <a href="SOME-FILE.html">SOME FILE</a> 
was last modified on 
= stat("SOME-FILE.html");
$mod = localtime($mtime);
print "$mod.\n";
print "and has $size bytes.\n";

Best regards,
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