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Re: configure bug in wml-1.6.5

Quoting: Ralf S. Engelschall (rse@engelschall.com):
> Hmmm... that's interesting. The configure is generated by GNU autoconf and
> although a lot of own hacking is done inside it the XX.in -> XX substitution
> is plain Autoconf stuff. But I've a report for the same failure under a
> FreeBSD 3.0 box, so I think there seems to be perhaps some chars inside the
> sed-substitution stuff which lets sed fail. Can you you please run configure
> again and send us the generated "config.status" script? This is the beast
> containing the sed-substs. OTOH, occur at least some error messages on stderr
> while config.status is running?

Okay, looks like I found something. There was 22 lines of the following on

sed: file conftest.s1 line 32: Unterminated `s' command

I've attached config.status, though all the patterns look OK. Hopefully someone
more skilled in the black art of regular expressions can sort it out.


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