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a few questions on using wml

The Debian web pages are in the process of being converted to using
wml. In the process I have come across a few things I haven't been
able to figure out. Is it possible that there are things wml can't
do? :)

Since I want the .html files in a different directory from the source
a shebang path is used in the files, e.g. #!wml -o ../debian.org/%BASE.html.en
What is actually desired is to use a variable to make it easier to move
things around later, i.e. #!wml -o $(HTMLDIR)/%BASE.html.en where the
variable is set in a .wmlrc file. Is this possible?

To keep the pages from being too static, I used some perl to grab the
latest news entries and put their titles on the main page. It works
perfectly, but 'wmk -a' does not catch the dependency (which is understandable).
Is there a way to force a file to have a dependency on another?
'#use <file>' is not appropriate in this case.

I tried 'wmk -a -F template/debian/*.wml' so all .wml files would
be processed except for the template files. What's the proper way
to do this?

Thanks for such a useful program.

Jay Treacy <treacy@debian.org>
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