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Re: Include <-> wml::std::lang

On Mon, Jul 06, 1998, Rainer Jung wrote:

> I got a question about several Languages, and including other files.
> I got one file containing an own navbar.
> All my pages are written with the wml::std::lang-Libary, using some languages.
> Now i try to #include "mynavbar" at the place, it shall be written.
> Now i get the Problem, that the possible Tags confirming the Languages
> do not work any more. I entered at the beginning of the mynavbar.wml the same 
> tags, to use several Languages, ...
> What is the right way, to make this work ??

Sorry, but conceptionally I don't see a problem here. Please post a particular
example or even your original (perhaps stripped down) files, so I can step
deeper into your paricular problem and help you.

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