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Spamming and List Changes?

Although I've changed the webpages to not contain directly the string
sw-wml@engelschall.com there are still spam mails on sw-wml from time to time.
(Sure, the spammers buy the mails from database providers and even can
determine them by crawling the sw-wml archive, etc.)

I've already configured a lot of regex in Majordomo which filter approx. 90%
of them but I hate it to still see some of these spam mails here. So, the
typical step is to change the Majordomo configuration to allow only subscribed
addresses to post. The only drawback is that your mails then really have to
come from the address you subscribed with (perhaps difficult for some of you
like me who use a lot of intermediate addresses) or you have to explicitly
send me your used addresses. These then have to be added to a list for

Is this approach Ok for you or are there any subtle problems I missed?  If no
one speaks up the next week and says this change is really bad I'll change
Majordomos configuration at the end of the next week.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall
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