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Re: wml-mode for (X)Emacs ?

On Mon, Jul 13, 1998, Alexander Graefe wrote:
> just a quick question: Has anybody written a wml-mode for (X)Emacs ?
> The html-mode unfortunately doesn't know about eperl and the other
> wml-goodies, and I don't know jack about lisp, so writing it myself
> is out of the question (too busy understanding wml fully, thanks Ralf
> for such a great tool !)

I personally are a pure Vi(m) hacker and like about Emacs mainly cookies like
"Emacs is a great operating system, but Unix has the better editor" ;-) So my
question is (because I'm interested): Is such an Emacs wml-mode just syntax
highlighting of WML-Tags or is it really more like tag expansion, etc?

If its pure tag highligthing it should be trivial as for Vim (just a few
regex). For something like tag expansion the wml_docs/wml_tags.L.xxx files
could be used as a resource. There are all known WML tags assembled at one
place for reference.

Let me know when such an Emacs wml-mode is available. We could insert it into
the official WML distribution so others benefit from it.

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