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Re: wml-mode for (X)Emacs ?

On Wed, Jul 15, 1998, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

> > > just a quick question: Has anybody written a wml-mode for (X)Emacs ?
> > > The html-mode unfortunately doesn't know about eperl and the other
> > > wml-goodies, and I don't know jack about lisp, so writing it myself
> > > is out of the question (too busy understanding wml fully, thanks Ralf
> > > for such a great tool !)
> > Is such an Emacs wml-mode just syntax highlighting of WML-Tags or is
> > it really more like tag expansion, etc?
> I think syntax-highlighting would be what's needed. Why would one want
> to expand wml-tags, a job wml itself is doing??? The idea of WML is
> "abstraction" (for me at least) and the last thing I'd do is expand
> the tags in the editor to HTML.

By "expanding" I meant auto-expanding the name like in a shell.  For instance
type "<info:doc" and this gets expanded to "<info:document-url>" immdediately.
Or "<info:document-uri>" is automatically fixed to "<info:document-url>", etc.

> > If its pure tag highligthing it should be trivial as for Vim (just a
> > few regex).
> Trivial? Including handling embedded perl-code? 
> Even the better perl-modes for Emacs don't handle all Perl-constructs
> correctly. Which is not surprising, as only Perl understands Perl
> correctly. Same as for TeX/LaTeX. Perhaps somebody cares to implement
> Perl and TeX in Emacs-Lisp? Wouldn't that be some nice little summer
> project for bored CS students?  ;-)

I didn't say the Perl-code itself is trivial to highlight. But the Perl is not
part of WML. I just think the WML-defined Tags can be highlighted trivially or
at least easy. In other words: For Perl blocks the complete block itself is
highlighted in a color identifying it as a Perl block. I personally think this
is enough, isn't it?
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