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Re: wml-mode for (X)Emacs ?

"Ralf S. Engelschall" <rse@engelschall.com> writes:

> By "expanding" I meant auto-expanding the name like in a shell.  For
> instance type "<info:doc" and this gets expanded to
> "<info:document-url>" immdediately.  Or "<info:document-uri>" is
> automatically fixed to "<info:document-url>", etc.

Ah, sorry. This would make sense, of course.

> > Even the better perl-modes for Emacs don't handle all Perl-constructs
> > correctly. Which is not surprising, as only Perl understands Perl
> > correctly. Same as for TeX/LaTeX. Perhaps somebody cares to implement
> > Perl and TeX in Emacs-Lisp? Wouldn't that be some nice little summer
> > project for bored CS students?  ;-)

> I didn't say the Perl-code itself is trivial to highlight. But the
> Perl is not part of WML. I just think the WML-defined Tags can be
> highlighted trivially or at least easy. In other words: For Perl
> blocks the complete block itself is highlighted in a color
> identifying it as a Perl block. I personally think this is enough,
> isn't it?

Sure, that would help. And it would be even cooler, if one could make
Emacs recognize once the cursor is in a perl-block and have it
automagically switch to perl-mode ....

Acutally, I am sure this IS possible (because what isn't in Emacs), if
one was a lisp-hacker ...

But enough day-dreaming ...


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