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Re: wml-error

On Sun, Jul 26, 1998, Tabe Kooistra wrote:

> I am new to WML, but I would like to give it a try. However, after
> compiling WML I tried to use is without any luck.
> The standard behaviour I get is:
> [tabe@ozgurluk ozgurluk]$ wml -p1 index.html
> cannot load /tmp/wml.5646.tmp2 for unprotection at /usr/local/bin/wml /
> line 604.
> [tabe@ozgurluk ozgurluk]$ ls /tmp/wml.*
> /tmp/wml.5646.tmp1     
> Am I doing something wrong? 
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Hmmmm.. I'm confused, never saw this. The interesting point is that the
"protect step" worked (or you should see a different error first) but the
"unprotect step" fails and the fail is missing.  Puhhh... Can you trace it
down when the file is removed? Perhaps use -v3 to do single-stepping and watch
when the files is missing. We definitely need a little bit more information at
which filter or at which time the error occurs to help you.

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