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Re: wml-error

"Ralf S. Engelschall" <rse@engelschall.com> writes:

> Hmmmm.. I'm confused, never saw this. The interesting point is that
> the "protect step" worked (or you should see a different error
> first) but the "unprotect step" fails and the fail is missing.
> Puhhh... Can you trace it down when the file is removed? Perhaps use
> -v3 to do single-stepping and watch when the files is missing. We
> definitely need a little bit more information at which filter or at
> which time the error occurs to help you.


[tabe@ozgurluk ozgurluk]$ wml -p1 -v3 index.html
** WML:Verbose: PASS 1:
** WML:Verbose: source: /opt/wml//lib/exec/wml_p1_ipp  "-DWML_VERSION=1.6.6 (25-06-1998)" "-DWML_LOC_MANDIR=/opt/wml//man" "-DWML_LOC_LIBDIR=/opt/wml//lib" "-DWML_LOC_BINDIR=/opt/wml//bin" "-DWML_LOC_PREFIX=/opt/wml/" "-DWML_GEN_HOSTNAME=ozgurluk.ozgurluk.xs4all.nl" "-DWML_GEN_REALNAME=Press Agency Ozgurluk" "-DWML_GEN_USERNAME=tabe" "-DWML_GEN_ISOTIME=26-07-1998 19:31:22" "-DWML_GEN_CTIME=Sun Jul 26 19:31:22 1998 DST" "-DWML_SRC_REALNAME=Press Agency Ozgurluk" "-DWML_SRC_USERNAME=tabe" "-DWML_SRC_ISOTIME=17-07-1998 03:04:27" "-DWML_SRC_CTIME=Fri Jul 17 03:04:27 1998 DST" "-DWML_SRC_BASENAME=index" "-DWML_SRC_FILENAME=index.html" "-DWML_SRC_DIRNAME=/home/httpd/html/ozgurluk" -v -S /opt/wml//lib/include/    -o /tmp/wml.8848.tmp2 /tmp/wml.8848.tmp1
cannot load /tmp/wml.8848.tmp2 for unprotection at /usr/local/bin/wml line 604.
[tabe@ozgurluk ozgurluk]$ ls /tmp/wml*
[tabe@ozgurluk ozgurluk]$      

Hope This Helps,

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