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Re: Problem with wml::std::grid

Be carefuly guys: Majordomo bounced all mails which are not from one of the
subscribed messages. Carsten is subscribed as carsten@3point.net, so
carsten@nada.kth.se is not a valid poster address. I've added
carsten@nada.kth.se to the allowed posters for you now, Carsten. But be
careful when posting: Although now all spams are successfully bounced to the
list owner, you have to make sure you either post from the address you
subscribed with or at least send me your other allowed mail address aliases.

Oh, yes: I'll look into wml::std::grid the next days when I find time.

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On 30 Jul, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> I've to forward this to the list because Torsten posted to it before you was
> suceessfully subscribed. And you know, because of the anti-spamming issue
> non-subscribers are no longer allowed to post.

There are other problems with grid too. I looked at the definition and
saw that e.g. the height definition of a cell changes the height of the
corresponding <table> entry instead of the <td> entry, because there is
no height expected for the cell. I have a quick patch for that at home,
but didn't get to sending it to the list.

I should do it at the weekend.

Carsten Braeutigam (carsten@nada.kth.se)

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