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Re: It works!

On Sat, 1 Aug 1998, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:


> So, as a summary: The meta-language based power of WML has really proofed to
> be good, but it can be implemented a lot better :-( 

Well, I'll definately try wml 2 out when it gets rolling. I love wml 1,
though I hven't had much time for web site hacking these days, and wml 2
can only be better. All the speed improvements I'll probably suck back up
with new silly scripts I'll add to my site. ;-)

> Initially I thought after finishing the diploma thesis (DA) I'll immediately
> work on WML 2.x by starting from this prototype of the DA. But as it currently
> looks there will be a delay of approx. a few months. Because currently I'm in
> contact with two international publishers about the idea for a "very compact
> Apache reference book". And the chance is high that this will be the next
> project... ;-)

Well, I love rewarding free software authors any way I can, so I'm looking
forward to a book with your name on it that I can go out and buy!

Best of luck with the thesis, the book, wml 2, and everything else. Last
time I visited your site I remember seeing a pic of your fiance, hope
everything is well on that front too.

Best wishes,


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