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Re: RPM for WML 1.6.7

On Mon, Aug 10, 1998, Torsten Naumann wrote:

> > What I'll probably do is take a look at your SPECS files and make sure I'm
> > not missing anything, though I'm fairly certain I'm not...
> >...
> Be patient with rpm, it is great but not so easy to build :)
> A hint: With the 
> ./configure --prefix=/usr
> or something else like that without the string "wml" in the prefix the 
> make test
> doesn't complete his run.
> If you do this like
> ./configure --prefix=/some/where/wml
>                                  ^^^
>                               IMPORTANT
> the "make test" runs successfully.

Oh, yes, the wml_test/Makefile was not aware of the libsubdir stuff.
Fixed for WML 1.6.8. Thanks for the hint, Torsten.

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