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Convert wysiwyg documents with WML?


I'm looking for a system for publishing a medium size site (~100
documents), and that is suitable for this purpose: I want to write html
source documents in a wysiwyg editor with only very few formatting (only
functional formatting), and then convert these raw documents to the ones on
the Web. So the difference to  html preprocessor systems (like htmlpp) is,
that I do NOT want to 'program' the layout etc. in the source documents -
programming should be done only in the conversion routines/settings. The
raw docs should be entertainable by people who don't know anything about
the layout (except to give perhaps some directives like writing
"{tabletype=list}" above a table to give the converter information about
the kind of table, or writing "{arrow}" which should be replaced by a gif
with an arrow ...)

So this system will have to replace tags, put whole groups of elements from
the source document in a table, include a header, copy the contents of h1
or h2 headers to the title and so on. I've started to program this myself,
with the help of HTML::TreeBuilder (perl, from Gisle Aas) (it seems to
become more work than I have time ...)

Now I've found WML, but am not sure if it is suitable for this kind of
things. Has someone done something similar?

Chris Jaeger

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