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<page> and <info> tags

I'm using wml 1.6.6

I use the <page> tag.

I want to get <meta name="Keywords" content="keys, locks, doors">
inserted into the <head> </head> region, as per the HTML spec.

<page> has a info attribute, but it appears to accept no arguments,
and if present, all it seems to do is include:

<meta name="Author"    content="Michael McNamara, mac@medusa.surefirev.com">
<meta name="Generator" content="WML 1.6.6 (25-06-1998)">
<meta name="Modified"  content="28-08-1998 18:31:36">

in the <html> section.  This is the right place, but I want seach

The <info> tag accepts 'keywords' and 'description', but how do I get
the stuff put in the <html></html> region?

<info> accepts a style directive, and the man page has:

<info style={comment,table,meta,oneline} domainname="..."
            copyright="..." created="..." keyword="..." description="...">

which is all the documentation I see.

Through testing, I observe:
style="comment" inserts a nice comment;
style="meta" gives me what I want, but in the wrong place, I.E., right 
where I have the <info> tag.
style="table" gives me just the Author, Generator and Modified
(ignores the keywords and the like) as a nice inline table
style="oneline" give me the Author, Generator and Modified as a single 
line, again ignoring the kywords.

Please help me!  I am reduced to hand editing the output of WML...

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   /\//    SureFire Verification Inc.
  /\///\   <http://www.surefirev.com>
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