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Re: Misterious Behavior of WML calling WML

On Wed, Sep 02, 1998 at 08:19:21PM +0200, Oliver Paukstadt wrote:
> The sed was one problem, but there was another.
> I solved in a bit hacky way: I delete the whole environment except the
> PATH before starting wml. This looks like this:
> system("unset `env | perl -e 'foreach(grep(!/^PATH=/,
> <STDIN>)){s/^([^=]*)=.*\$/\$1/igs;print \"\$_\\n\";}' ` 
> ; cd $Daten/$dir ; wml -qs $file");
> Not very nice, but it's now 
> eperl calling sh calling perl and calling wml.
> Does Anyone know a shorter Statement to delete all the Environment except
> path? Perl prefered, because of the ugly sh on irix5.3...

foreach $key (keys %ENV) {
    delete $ENV{$key} if $key ne "PATH";

should do that.

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