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RE: TOC tag (table of contents)


Viorel Anghel wrote:
> I recently "discovered" the <toc> tag (wml::std::toc) and is very usefull.
> But, is there any expert which can rewrite (or add a style to) "toc" in
> to use nested lists?

Good idea.

I just modified wml::std::toc to implement some new styles, "list",
"list-ol", and "list-ul" to implement a table of contents using nested
lists. I think this should work for what you want. The "list-ol" style uses
ordered lists so that the list items have numbers, while the "list-ul" style
uses unordered lists for bullets. The style "list" is just an alias to

If you want to change the style of the lists, such as adding an option to
the <ul> or <ol> tags, just modify the diversions TOC_L and TOC_UNL. This
will override the  "list-ol" or "list-ul" settings. For example, to create
an un-ordered list with style=box, use the following:

#use "where-you-install-file" style=list

..TOC_L>><ul style="box"><<..

I've attached the modified toc.wml file from the $(WML_HOME)/lib/include/std
directory. I hope it goes through the list server. This is, of course, free
for all to use.

 - David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services