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RE: Speeding up WML / real-time WML


Fritz Zaucker wrote:
> Why don't you just send the source to the list? And Ralf, PLEASE
> implement that, my site takes 15 minutes on a Ultra 2x300MHz ...

I've attached the file. Here is how to install it:

Get to the $(MWL_ROOT)/lib/exec directory. Move the wml_p1_ipp file to
another filename, say wml_ip_ipp-orig. Then copy the attached file into
wml_p1_ipp. But this is not enough because of the changes made for your
system by the makefile. Open both of the files in an editor and take the
first 16 lines from the original file and use them to replace the first 16
lines in the new file. (This is specifically getting your path to perl used
on line one and two and your WML specific Perl library directories.)
Remember to make sure the new has the correct permissions. Now everything is
set to go.

Because this directly replaces the installation file, running another "make"
or "make install" will overwrite this. Yes, call me lazy for not modifying
the source file used by the makefile.

> > I've also noticed inefficiencies in other WML passes, but I have not
> > undertaken to work on them. However, I will soon (month or two) be
> > on a project which will use WML for real-time page generation. At that
> > I'll go mucking around with WML's internals if I run into any problems.
> > anyone else using WML in a real time? If so, how is it faring?
> Talk to Ralf first before spending too much effort on this.

I agree. I am not going to spend any more time modifying the internals
before checking with him. I read the post in the archives about WML 2.0
being much more efficient. Ralf, what's the latest status on WML 2.0? When
is it expected?

- David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services